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I had heard of Astral Projection before, but had never really know exactly what it meant. And then I came across this meme in a Facebook group I am a part of. After seeing this, I realized that while I was sick back in December 2017, that the “weird dream and waking experience” I had was, in fact, astral projection.

In December, I came down with some sort of illness that the doctor diagnosed as a sinus infection and respiratory infection at the same time. I have had both, but I haven’t felt this miserable in quite some time. Before going to the doctor, I truly thought that she would diagnose me with walking pneumonia. I was beyond exhausted and could barely function. Anyone who knows me knows that I work through almost anything and it takes a lot to shut me down, and this illness shut me down. It took me 3 weeks to get better, even with antibiotics.

During the time that I was sick, there were two days that I never even made it upstairs to get changed in to my PJs and ended up sleeping in my work clothes (which I NEVER do) and slept on the couch downstairs. I kept nodding out while watching TV and I finally set my alarm for about an hour and a half later thinking that by then maybe I would have enough energy to head back upstairs. I continued to do that, reset my alarm every hour or so thinking I’d get up finally, but never did. While I was sleeping on the couch, I had what I thought was a very odd dream (and my dreams are typically odd, but this dream was odd even by my standards). I kept waking up in between this dream and would be fully conscious but felt paralyzed on the couch, my body felt so heavy as if I was pinned to the couch. It felt like when you get pins and needles in one of your limbs, but this was in my entire body. I felt very scared. In my dream, during the times I was in the dream state of this experience, I dreamt that I was at my sister in laws house and I was tethered like a blimp to the ground and was flying above her house. My family were all standing by the door or in the driveway screaming to me, but I couldn’t hear them over the loud buzzing sound that was coming from the bug like creatures that we’re swarming around me. It reminded me in a sense of the scene from the movie “Wreck it Ralph” when the cybugs at the end go in to the beacon light. But instead of a light, I was being pulled towards a vortex or portal of some sort. It was creating such an upward force on my body that my whole body was vibrating, which I also felt in my paralysis state during my conscious moments as well. I felt very afraid during my consciousness and felt as if it was a near death experience and was worried that I was really that sick to be having this type of experience in my dreams that was also carrying over in to my physical, awake state as well.

Once I saw this meme, it became very clear to me that all of this was my spiritual being separating from my physical being. I never got any further than this because I was so scared and wouldn’t let myself go and be pulled in to the vortex, which is probably what would have transported me to different realms, but the separation was happening.

I also had another similar experience a couple of weeks later, before seeing this meme that I also believe was astral projection. I was in bed that time. I had left the bedroom door slightly ajar to let my cat in if she wanted to come in. We’ve been trying to bring her in our bedroom lately and that night she didn’t stay when I brought her in. I’m used to having the door closed to the bedroom. I kept waking up and feeling the bed vibrating and kept looking at the bedroom door because I kept waking up from the vibrating of the bed. The vibrating of the bed worried me because my husband wasn’t home that night and I didn’t have the washer or dryer on which sometimes vibrate the bed. I started to feel as if there was a presence in the house and became worried that there was someone in our house. I think I astral projected again and don’t remember the process of it and I think I may have gotten through the process this time and separated and the spiritual being was in my house and I was present in my physical body and becoming scared.

I had one put ofout of body experience when I was a teenager that felt “normal” in that I just saw myself standing and watching myself sleeping, but it wasn’t accompanied by any of these other physical sensations or odd consciousness states.

Since figuring out what this is I have not been able to replicate it again. I haven’t attempted to, or trained to as I have tried to stay healthy recently and been trying to get a lot of sleep as there are a lot of illnesses going around and I ended up getting sick again for 2 more rounds after that initial bout in December. I am hoping, now that I know what it is, that once I feel confident that I am fully healthy, and not in danger of becoming ill that I will be able to create ideal circumstances again for astral projection to take place again. And this time, I won’t be afraid and I will allow myself to travel and real the benefits of it.



Souliberation: The act of accepting a part of ones past that was negatively affected by another person. The act of choosing to move on by liberating ones soul from that person so that the past can no longer poison ones present and future. This act does not require forgiving that person or believing that what happened was ok. This act requires acceptance of the fact that it did happen, that it made you a stronger person because of it and that you no longer choose to be shackled by toxicity that others have spread to you. You choose to cleanse yourself of that toxicity and allow space for peace. By allowing that toxic waste to reside in you, it is you who is being poisoned and not the person who initially gave it to you. You are the one being continually hurt while they have moved on. You deserve better than that. You deserve peace. Many people call this forgiveness, but I struggle with calling this forgiveness too. Forgiveness to me is when I do believe someone is sorry for what they have done and they want to become a better person and they still deserve a place in my life. I believe these concepts need different terms. Because some acts are unforgiveable. That is why we cannot keep some people in our lives. We must liberate our souls from them. But we must also do the mental work part of it along with the physical part as well. We are not just liberating our lives from their physical presence, but we must liberate our mind and soul from their mental poison presence as well. Souliberation……my personal new term for what people have been calling forgiveness for a while, which I find a very confusing duality.

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There are two major concepts I have been percolating on for quite a while. Both of them I have had recent close encounters with once again to bring them to the forefront of my mind. They are a bit unrelated, yet at the same time somewhat fall under a similar omnipotent category.

The first relates directly to the meme. This concept is one that has been a very popular mantra that many of the more positive and goal oriented, success driven people seem to live by. I have heard variations of this quote repeated ad museum in the past few years. In many ways, this has applied to my life and I can understand it’s poignancy. But when it comes to matters of finances, I just don’t know what else I can change and what other lessons I need to learn before I can finally have the world or a Higher Power, whichever way you choose to think about it, give me a break and not keep beating me over the head. So many people get away with so many things in this world that are things that come back and haunt me at the most inopportune moments, read:just when I think I might be starting to get a handle on things I get kicked in teeth and blindsided by some other transgression from my past. I have made so many changes recently to how I handle finances and somehow I feel like I cant breathe even more today than ever. I have admitted and recognize how I sabotage myself financially and in my decisions relating to finances because of my relationship to money which is directly related to how I view my Dad’s greedy heart and my desire to never turn in to that. I have been pulling away from the financial grips off my parents so that they can no longer control me psychologically. Even though that directly affects me from the financial standpoint negatively because it means I can’t turn to them to bail me out of tough situations, I would think that one of my lessons would be that I needed to take responsibility for myself and that I would be “rewarded” for my efforts to turn my life around and not be dependant on them to bail me out. I have made a point of sending out invoices consistently when my students miss a payment, something that I would think would be a lesson I’m supposed to learn, to not let everyone walk all over my kindness by letting payments go week after week to the point that I’m sure many have been missed over time due to my poor record keeping. And how am I rewarded for my diligence this year? By more students forgetting payment than ever before, forcing me to have to send more invoices (which makes me uncomfortable to begin with) and also delays me getting paid regularly and keeps me scraping worse than ever to come up with money to pay my bills. I have finally been rewarded by getting the job that I thought I sabotaged myself over (that I posted about at the beginning of my blog site) so I will start to get a better supplemental income in that can hopefully start to turn some things around. But I am so tired of feeling like the universe is working against me all the time. Just today, the 2 students I was supposed to get money from during the daytime teaching, one forgot the check (she is usually pretty good about it and will probably leave it for me tomorrow at least) and the other one had an assembly at school I didn’t know about and I couldn’t teach her lesson, so I don’t get paid for that one unexpectedly. There has been more of that sort of thing taking place lately as well. Students cancelling or assemblies that cause me not to be able to teach. I have stopped buying random things on eBay that I used to do, I have cut back significantly on my eating all the way around (from the fast food, to eating the $1 packets of knorr pasta sides for dinners to cutting back on goodies/deserts etc…), I stopped myself from my horrendous 6month addiction to Yahtzee with friends that put us in the hole financially and did that cold turkey back in May, I have cut back on the things I spend on for my daughter as extra things she doesn’t need and tell her no more often (something she needs to hear anyway)….I never go out, I haven’t cut my hair in a year and a half, I mean, seriously. What the hell more can I do???? Why do I have to keep getting slapped in the face? All I feel like I do is pay my damn bills and have an anxiety attack for 10 more days wondering if I will overdraft before my husband’s next big paycheck comes in, whether my day to day income will carry us through the other weekly/daily expenses. I wonder if there ever is a light at the end of the tunnel or whether it’s only a mirage, a reflection of someone else’s bright shining star. I’m so exhausted. What else is there for me to do?!?!?!?!?!?!?! I’ve sacrificed everything I can and I got another job to bring in more income. I’m so sick of life continuing to kick me while I’m down and never allowing me to work my way back up. I feel hopeless. The world doesn’t want me to succeed or find financial peace.

The next concept on which I percolate is the conspiracy theory that there is no privacy in this world. That big brother is always watching. That somehow I am the main character in a reality show like the movie “Truman Show”. I have always believed that I have psychic abilities and that I can intuitively send and receive messages to people as an empath. I have proven my abilities time and again. But some of the occurrences that have happened in 2016 alone are just too uncanny to be mere coincidence. One of them felt as though I was being spied on through my phone somehow. I was talking with a student in my small studio at the school I teach at. I talked about the song “I love you, a bushel and a peck.” I had never typed those words in to any computer or electronic device ever from anywhere. I don’t keep the location turned on in my phone. My phone was inside my purse so it couldn’t have randomly turned on the video camera or microphone I wouldn’t think. Yet later that same exact day, I received Etsy notifications (even though I had all notifications from the Etsy app set to be blocked) that showed suggestions for about 20 different products that all contained the phrase “I love you a bushel and a peck”. I usually take synchronicities in life to mean that I am in the right place in my life and where I need to be, but that was just too weird and felt like I was being spied on. Then, the last post I tried to write on here was when the word of the day was “relish”. It was about literal relish, a red pepper relish that my dad bought in the past for me because we can’t find it anywhere near us. We haven’t had it in a few years now since we finished the only batch he gave us. Somehow, even though I typed the whole thing, it never ended up posting. My Dad and I (ya know, the one I’ve ranted about who is Narcissistic, who I don’t have a very keen relationship with and with whom I certainly don’t have a psychic connection of any sort) were talking the other day and he told me he was having a box shipped to my house that’s a Christmas present that we can open on Christmas. Well, it came the other day. It says it right on the label, “The Red Relish Company”. My blog post never even posted, so it’s not like he ever even read it (not that he could have anyway, because I’ve kept this blog a secret from everyone I personally know anyway). Again, how highly random. It’s far too uncanny to just be a plain ole coincidence. I swear my life is being aired on a television set that the whole world title watching. It would make a lot of elements of my life make more sense to me. Something more to percolate on.


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