Strike hard

One by one I’m conquering things, overcoming my fear, rekindling the fire within my soul. Strike the gong with a mallet and strike hard as I make my grand re-entrance in to the world. I have started building boundaries that need to be there to protect myself, I have started to reclaim my driver’s seat when I want something rather than being afraid of asking for it or allowing others to get what they wanted first and putting my wants last always. I am starting to put me first, because no one else does, and no one else ever has in the grand scheme of life.


My song of the day: Finding my voice again and learning how to use it and how to not be scared anymore. I’d rather be dangerous (not really, just powerful) than to be what I’ve been now for too long, which was acquiescent and subservient…


Author: Alice Funk Farie

Ecclectic Eccentric, Adoptee, Mom of a child with Aspergers Autism, Complex-PTSD from childhood trauma, Daughter of parents with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Dependant Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression Warrior, Empath, Indigo Child, Musician, Educator, Wife of a Sociopathic Addict, Stepmom, Martial Artist, Artist, Philosophizer, Quote Collector, Survivor

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