Exploring the light


Today my friend, her energy was weary

Mine transferred to her

Today I felt more invigorated

Since we met, I’ve been clearing my space

Hers transferred to mine.

Reminding me of the heaviness of my soul

I must explore the light

And give it a chance.

I must lighten the burden upon my soul.

The burden others have placed there

And the burden I’ve allowed to remain.

It’s time to get back to who I am supposed to be.



Author: Alice Funk Farie

Ecclectic Eccentric, Adoptee, Mom of a child with Aspergers Autism, Complex-PTSD from childhood trauma, Daughter of parents with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Dependant Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression Warrior, Empath, Indigo Child, Musician, Educator, Wife of a Sociopathic Addict, Stepmom, Martial Artist, Artist, Philosophizer, Quote Collector, Survivor

6 thoughts on “Exploring the light”

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words. I was actually a little at a loss for words tonight and just wrote a little more succinctly about a conversation my friend and I had about our day yesterday and how it affected us today…I am happy to hear it reached someone else. 😁


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