Stop resisting


Been debating whether to postpone my ritual because I’m tired. I haven’t done it in quite a while because the hubby has been home at night for a while now. He has a weird night shift rotation but then was home extra days because he wasn’t feeling well. I don’t do my ritual when he’s home because I feel awkward. Tonight’s the first night he’s not home. Not going to let resistance win. Not going to postpone another night. Getting up now and doing it, even if an abridged version. Goodnight cyberspace, my tea, candles, chakras and prayers await me.


Author: Alice Funk Farie

Ecclectic Eccentric, Adoptee, Mom of a child with Aspergers Autism, Complex-PTSD from childhood trauma, Daughter of parents with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Dependant Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression Warrior, Empath, Indigo Child, Musician, Educator, Wife of a Sociopathic Addict, Stepmom, Martial Artist, Artist, Philosophizer, Quote Collector, Survivor

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