The brain on auto-pilot


For those who have ever partaken in musical training, or even a sport, piloting a plane, gaming, any form of constant motion training activity…

As you become more of an expert in your given field, your brain becomes more comfortable with your craft and with its ability to recall the information necessary to complete the task necessary. Based on the cross-reference with your training and your innate abilities, your brain makes its best guesses to help you execute the moves you need within the split second it has to process the information and send messages to your motor system in order to make the precisely correct motion necessary.

There are many factors that can affect your brain’s ability to accurately send the correct messages at the most consistent rate possible. Of course, repetition of the correct motion during practice/training is always important. Without being comfortable with the decisions it makes, the chances of accuracy on a regular basis are significantly lower. The brain will get bogged down and overworked in trying to constantly make decisions it is not comfortable making if the actions are too new to the physiological body.

However, one can train/practice all hours of the day, and if there is a lack of concentration in the moment of performance, the brain will second guess itself and make the wrong decisions. All it takes is a slight distraction, an unexpected sensory input in the heat of the moment, an overtired mind, weary eyes…and all the practice in the world goes right out the window. In fact, when someone knows that they aren’t as prepared as they should be, they tend to pay more attention and often perform better than they expect. Conversely, at times when someone is extra confident, they tend to become lackadaisical on their focus and make more mistakes then would be expected.

With the new developments in the health fields, and the surge we have seen in diagnoses of ADHD and Autism in recent years, we now know how much a lack of ability to focus (ADHD) and an oversensitivity to sensory input (Autism) can affect people’s ability to function and how much it can mask their true brilliance. Most of the children and people who carry these diagnoses are quite intelligent, often of above average intelligence. But their paralysis of these all important areas of functionality hide their ability to function with efficiency and ease in the way that those who do not have these diagnoses can function.

As I believe I alluded to in an earlier blog post, I have been formulating a grand hypothesis and theory on musical training, and it may transfer to other disciplines as well. It will take me some time to form a fully cohesive theory and strategy to combat this deficit that we have overcome in a slower manner up until now. I believe there is a.faster way to achieve more consistent success if I can pinpoint the correct tools to train the brain from the outset. I have just postulated in this post a very small glimpse in to the ideas that I am simmering inside my brain. One of my 7th grade students is even so inspired by it that she is structuring her science project based upon my general theories and ideas. I am very honored that she is so inspired by my thoughts on music to further investigate them for her science project. I look forward to working together with her and helping her with specific examples and to seeing the specific path she takes and what her exact findings are. I am very convinced that I have hit on a very unique and novel perspective that has not been truly explored in this manner and has not linked everything together in the manner that I have connected the dots in my brain. Some day…..Some day my theories and thoughts will come to fruition and the world will see that I do have a worthwhile contribution to leave as my legacy.

Art by Josephine Wall


Author: Alice Funk Farie

Ecclectic Eccentric, Adoptee, Mom of a child with Aspergers Autism, Complex-PTSD from childhood trauma, Daughter of parents with Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Dependant Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression Warrior, Empath, Indigo Child, Musician, Educator, Wife, Stepmom, Martial Artist, Artist, Philosophizer, Quote Collector, Survivor

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